Heineken Pilsener

Heineken is a Dutch beer (5% abv pale lager) which has been brewed by Heineken International since 1873. It is the flagship product of the Heineken company and is made of purified water, malted barley, hops, and yeast.


The sociable beer for every day, for everyone. “Speciale Belge” is one of the better Belgian beers of the early 20th century. This smooth-drinking, amber-coloured top-fermentation beer has a sensible alcohol content, 5,4% ABV.
Special PALM malts determine its honey-like mellowness and PALM’s own selected yeasts give it a fruity yeast aroma. Fine aroma hops from Kent afford subtle harmony. PALM is the absolute number one “BELGIAN AMBER BEER”.

La Chouffe

LA CHOUFFE is an unfiltered blonde beer, which is re-fermented in the bottle as well as in the keg.  It is pleasantly fruity, spiced with coriander, and with a light hop taste. 8% ABV

Wieckse Witte

A pale, hazy wheat beer from De Ridder (a subsidiary of Heineken, would you believe). It has a complex, slightly tart aroma with light, zesty fruit (oranges and lemons) and spice notes (coriander, with maybe a hint of cinnamon). The palate is very clean and refreshing, maintaining the complexity promised by the nose and adding a touch of light hoppy bitterness. 5%ABV

Brugse Zot Blond

Brugse Zot is a golden blond beer with a rich foam collar and a fruity aroma. The beer is brewed with 4 different types of malt and aromatic  with 2 hop varieties that gives the beer a unique taste. With the alcohol content of 6% ABV,  it is a balanced  drinking beer with character. Brugse Zot is a natural beer, that arises from a selection of only the finest ingredients.

Erdinger Weissbier

The Premium Weissbier at the top of its class. Not only in the context of the Erdinger assortment Erdinger Weissbier with fine yeast applies undisputed as the classical authors, as the white beer absolutely. It is brewed with fine yeast after a delivered prescription and naturally strictly after the Bavarian purity requirement. Today still without the traditional bottle fermentation one does not do here: Three to four weeks it lasts, until the Erdinger Weissbier with fine yeast matured. For the production only finest raw materials are used. Experience of many years and constant quality controls guarantee beyond that the unmistakable taste. A Weissbier for all, those the unforgettable good taste love.  5,3%ABV


Guinness stout is made from water, barley, hops, and brewer’s yeast, and is treated with isinglass finings made from fishes’ air bladders.  A portion of the barley is roasted to give Guinness its dark colour and characteristic taste. It is pasteurised and filtered. Despite its reputation as a “meal in a glass”, Guinness only contains 198 kcal per imperial pint, fewer than skimmed milk or orange juice and most other non-light beers. 4,2%ABV

Murphy’s Irish Red

This medium-bodied 5% ABV Irish Red Ale pours a very clear amber-reddish color with a substantial white frothy head, tastes very carbonated and looks great in the glass. Its aroma is subtle and smells of fresh bread and sweet malt — very nice actually. Malty sweetness and caramel notes, along with a slight and pleasant graininess meet the tongue upon first sip, followed by more caramel malt mid taste with a hint of vanilla. The body is velvety smooth. The beer finishes nicely and surprisingly complex with a subtle sweet candy-like flavor, along with a hint of roasted malt and a slight bitterness. The malt dominates throughout, although the hops are detectable, particularly at the finish.


Kilkenny is a nitrogenated Irish cream ale from the makers of Guinness, which originated in Kilkenny, Ireland. It is brewed in Ireland and its heritage dates back to the 14th century.

Kilkenny is similar to Smithwick’s Draught; however, has less hop finish and it has a nitrogenated cream head similar to Guinness. The ‘Kilkenny’ name was originally used during the 1980s and 1990s to market a stronger version of Smithwick’s for the European and Canadian market due to difficulty in pronunciation of the word ‘Smithwick’s’. It now refers to a similar yet distinct beer. Ingredients: water, malted barley, roasted malted barley, hops, and yeast. 4,3% ABV


Somersby is Carlsberg Group’s biggest selling cider and was among the world’s fastest growing international ciders in 2014. It is currently avaiable in more than 50 markets around the world.

In recent years, cider has experienced a dramatic renaissance. Today, it is a very popular alternative to beer and wine, and a natural alternative to flavoured Ready-to-Drink products.

It’s made from fermented apple juice, with added apple juice, sugar and natural flavoring to give a crisp and delicious apple cider taste. 4.5% alc. vol.

Best serverd over ice






Magners Cider

The production of cider is a simple, traditional process, based on natural ingredients. A lot of time, care and labour are put into the making of cider, from the time the apples are harvested, to achieving the end product.  4,5% ABV



Our two special draught beers change with the seasons…Ask staff for more info!

Alcoholpercentage: 4.5%


Straffe Hendrik Tripel

Straffe Hendrik is a Belgian beer brewed by brewery ‘ De Halve Maan in Bruges. It is a triple with an alcohol rate of 9% and is brewed with a subtle blend of 6 special types of malt. The beer is firmly hopped with Saaz and Styrian Golding-hop of very good quality.

In 1981 The Crescent once brewed a special “criminal” beer of high fermentation on the occasion of the inauguration of a statue of Saint Arnold, the patron saint of brewers, in Bruges. The beer was named “Straffe Hendrik”, the different generations that Henri Maes brewery runden, and knew such a success that it is permanent.

Alcoholpercentage: 9%

De Koninck

Amber coloured beer of high fermentation with a spicy flavour, velvety soft aroma and full foam. Created with hop cones of Saaz and a mixture of pure malts, without addition of corn or other brewing sugars. Only 5% ABV, and therefore both a thirst-quencher as a tasting beer.


Alcoholpercentage: 5%


Created by the Moortgat family, bottled Duvel is one of Belgium’s favorite ales. The secret of its success lies in using only best-quality ingredients, and in the well-balanced, very specific, complex brewing and refermentation process that takes over 90 days.

Enjoy the classic Belgian Strong Blonde Ale. Duvel Single reveals true craftsmanship, uses only the finest ingredients – including noble hops – and has superb drinkability at 6.8% abv. 

Created by the Moortgat family, bottled Duvel is one of Belgium’s favorite ales. The secret of its success lies in using only best-quality ingredients, and in the well-balanced, very specific, complex brewing and refermentation process that takes over 90 days.

Enjoy the classic Belgian Strong Blonde Ale. Duvel Single reveals true craftsmanship, uses only the finest ingredients – including noble hops – and has superb drinkability at 6.8% abv.

Alcoholpercentage: 8.5%

Premium Kriek

Containing 25% fresh cherries in the brew, St Louis Premium Kriek pours a stunning crimson red with a fluffy, bright pink head. There is something very summery about the nose, with some grassy notes beneath the dominant cherry and cherry bubblegum aromas. There is a little hint of creamy malt too. On the palate it is sweet, with a thick, mouth-filling texture and very good fruit. There’s masses of flavor here, and a spritely acidity that really sharpens up the finish to leave it delicious and refreshing. 3,2% ABV

Alcoholpercentage: 3.2%

Kasteel Rouge

Kasteel Rouge is the fruity little brother from the “ kasteel” beers.  By mixing Kasteel Brown with beer that minimum 6 months has matured with north cherries, one obtains these exceptional dark red color.  This beer has gastronomic assets and can be drunk as an aperitif, at the BBQ, at dessert or just as really tasting beer.8%ABV

Alcoholpercentage: 8%


A real thirst-quencher by the combination of fresh beer, spicy tequila and a touch of invigorating lime. Drink this Tequila flavoured beer ice-cold and directly from the bottle. 5,9%ABV

Alcoholpercentage: 5.9%


With a fresh malty, fruity-lemony flavour and a soft, quenching dry finish, serve chilled and drunk in the long neck bottle garnished with a fresh wedge of lime in the neck to accentuate the floral citrusy aroma of the beer. 4,5%ABV

Alcoholpercentage: 4.6%

Westmalle Dubbel

Dark, reddish-brown Trappist beer with a long, dry aftertaste. The taste is rich and complex, spicy and fruity, with a fresh bitter finale. 7%ABV

Alcoholpercentage: 7%

Westmalle Tripel

Bright Trappist beer with a fruity smell. Soft and creamy in the mouth, with a delicious bitter aftertaste. 9%ABV

Alcoholpercentage: 9.5%

Grimbergen Dubbel

The mixture of different types of malt and the double fermentation give Grimbergen Double its typical dark color and full flavor. An Abbey beer with Scarlet “Bourgogne” color, sweet-bitter with great fullness and keys of caramel. 6,5%ABV

Alcoholpercentage: 6.5%

Amstel Malt

Because the alcohol percentage only after natural brewing process is reduced, this malt beer retains its pure beer taste. And thanks to the use of special types of malt, Amstel Malt has a very mild character, but  the color is slightly darker. 0,1%ABV

Alcoholpercentage: 0.1%

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