On the old square of Enschede.

The greatest pub in town!

Serving great drinks, food and gezelligheid!

Amazing view

Located on the old square of Enschede.

To be found in the great ambiance of Enschede is the terrace of Molly Malone. During your stay you'll be sitting first rank on the old square. Plenty to see, guaranteed!

Great beer

A wide variety of craft beers and lager.

We offer a lot of beers for you to enjoy the whole year 'round.  At Molly Malone we are happy to help you choose from the best range of beers; bottled and draught. to enjoy all the seasons throughout the years the most, we also offer monthly specials and seasonal beers.

Awesome food

Proper pub grub starts here

Daily prepared by Big Belly's chefs for you to enjoy, including options for vegetarians and vegans. Because when you get along with an Irishmen in a pub you need to be well prepared.

Always "gezellig"

Need we say more?

The place to be enjoyed by everyone, wether it is date-night, a pub crawl or looking for a good conversation. Where the staff will happily join in on the entertainment. 

Live sports!

Why watch the game at home, when you can watch it at your favorite pub!

Mr. Bright's pubquiz.

Presented by our regular quizmaster Kevin in English and Dutch.

Groups of 5

The more the merrier, but without the prizes

Of course you are more than welcome to play on your own, but the pub quiz is even more fun (and easier) if you hook up with some friends or relatives.

7 rounds of subjects

Multiple subjects,

Entertaining, brain-teasing quiz questions that will challenge you to dig deep.

The music round

From Britney to Beethoven,

10 songs to trigger your music knowledge or have your taste in music exposed for everyone to hear.

Great prizes!

Your commitment will be rewarded.

Perfect round?
Free drinks!

Won the quiz?
Free drinks!

Back tomorrow?
Free drinks! ;)


Oude Markt 11, 7511 GA Enschede


Tel: +31 534 305 094